All about garment steamers

Garment steamers are giving traditional steam irons a run for their money: not only are they more versatile, but they are also very easy to carry, making them perfect for vacation or travel.

They can be divided into three different models: standing steamer, handheld steamer and models with a built-in steam cleaner. They all work following the same principle of emitting high-temperature steam to eliminate creases and wrinkles, and they are suitable for a wider range of fabrics than steam irons that can cause marks or even burns.

  • Standing steamers are often used by professionals in the fashion industry or for quick fixes in stores because they don’t require the use of an ironing board, are portable and don’t take up a lot of space when stored (the largest and most noticeable part of a standing steamer is actually its water tank). One of the biggest advantages of this type of garment steamer is that you don’t have to constantly reposition the item of clothing you’re steaming. You simply just move around it instead until you reach even the trickiest spots.
  • Handheld (portable) steamers are perfect for travel, but also everyday use. They are often suitable for both horizontal and vertical ironing, making them easy to use on any flat surface or while your clothes are on a hanger. They are still powerful, can work for 10 to 15 minutes at a time and have the same safety features as larger models.
  • Models with built-in steam cleaners help you clean and sanitize your clothes and get rid of stains and bacteria without any chemicals.

In what cases does steaming your clothes work better than classic ironing?

  • When dealing with sensitive fabrics: you don’t want to accidentally damage silk or chiffon by choosing the wrong setting on your steam iron or because you applied too much pressure. You don’t have to worry about this when you use a garment steamer because you won’t actually be putting any pressure on your clothes.
  • If you don’t have much time: if you have a standing steamer, the piece of clothing you are steaming will be hanging vertically and you won’t need to constantly flatten and reposition it.
  • When you’re traveling: handheld steamers are perfect to carry in your luggage because they don’t take up much space. When you reach your destination, you’ll refresh your clothes in no time, but you can also use your steamer to sanitize mattresses and safeguard against bed bugs.

Check portable garment steamers here:

JSD 7 in 1 Travel Garment Steamer

Price: $20.95

Features: ergonomic design (easy grip handle), economic and eco-friendly water tank, automatic safety shutdown feature

hilife Mini Garment Steamer

Price: from $26

Features: lightweight 240 ml water tank, up to 15 minutes of continuous steaming

iSteam Clothes Steamer

Price: $37.99

Features: Spill-proof technology, automatic safety shutdown feature, nano-polymer filter, 3 year warranty

Rowenta DR8080 Handheld Garment Steamer

Price: $44.23

Features: ergonomic design,different steaming modes and power, comes with accessories (fabric brush, lint pad)

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